OK Dinghy News & Results. Generally the most competitive masts are produced by Wilke, Pata, and HIT. The new design introduces major changes to the bend curve and dynamic working of the mast. A complete record of each mast is maintained by Ceilidh Composite Technologies. Although the Finn hull has changed little since then, there have been developments to the rig. Working closely with sailors in the class it was clear that the best masts were made from High Modulus carbon with an outer diameter tube of 45mm and a bare weight of 4,6 to 4,8kg. The HIT wing mast has been developed continuously over the last years. This event is always useful to get an idea of how the different mast /sail combinations are working with most of the top sailors in the class taking part. The class rules are overseen by the International Finn Association. Number 1 producer of Finnmasts - worldwide To date more than 700 Finn Wingmasts of the new generation have been delivered from our yard in Switzerland. Knowledge of the area and conditions proved to be essential: where other teams were struggling, Team Zeeland was able to sail well consistently thanks to constant updates on tide and wind situations. Both were sailing with the Ceilidh vang system and halyard, confident that both give them more flexibility in changing their setup mid-race to adjust to changing conditions. While still in the test phase, the results show that the HIT mast PRO designed and manufactured by Ceilidh Composite Technologies is performing as planned, giving more control upwind with added power downwind. Mark Rigging an Envy mast at the factory in Mona Vale. Especially rewarding for us was the return of Pieter Jan Postma to the Finn fleet. works in The Netherlands. Techniques such as auto-welded tapering, bead peening of every mast, machine routering and assembly with many automated processes for component attachment, give Seldén dinghy spars the edge in quality, performance and consistency. Carbon fiber dinghy mast repair part 2 . shipping costs. With our leading technology and ongoing tests we have proven to be within the best in the world building fast masts for top Finn sailers around the globe. With the OK Dinghy World Championships beginning next week in New Zealand the fleet sailed a Pre-Worlds during the weekend of 2-3 February. Dinghy Sports uses masts supplied by Goldspar and Spunspar. Since then it has been featured in every Olympics. BENETEAU OCEANIS 45. incl. Rigging. The Finn is a physically demanding boat to race at the highest levels, especially since the class rules now allow unlimited boat rocking and sail pumping when the wind is above 10 knots.[4]. Vanguard '93. Sailing with our latest design of the Finn mast PRO his superior boat speed helped in the shifty conditions at the event. FINN - 1 MAN SAILBOAT w/trailer - $3,400 (OCEANSIDE) The renown Finn one-man dinghy. For over six decades this thoroughbred singlehanded dinghy has had an incalculable influence on the sailing world, being a blend of a popular club boat, Olympic legend and teacher of many top sailors. It is very tactical sailing with not much boat speed differences in top sailors and relatively new sailors. The Finn Gold Cup serves as the World Championship for the Finn class. Medium air (12-20 knots) From 12-15 knots leech tension is progressively tightened to 33.5 kg and the mast shifted forward in the boat so the distance from mast deck slot aft edge to mast bearing ring aft edge is about 50 mm. The shot is of a 1972 Elvstrom Finn recently fully restored, fitted and rigged like a modern Finn by Dinghy Sport. Kieler Woche 2018. Having approached us exactly 90 days before the start of this event to work together the team has further developed a new concept of mast performance and control which had given us some success in 2016. Finn Covers. The success can been seen on all major regattas - worldwide. We will be shipping two masts to him for further evaluation. C-Tech OK Dinghy Masts. We are pleased to announce a new collaboration wit Axel Antrecht of FSA Segelsport GmbH based at the Steinhuder lake. At that stage the sailmakers were struggling to keep up with our developments which came too close to the Olympic Games. For further information please contact our office via this link. Designed by Jacques Faroux Sold with: Epoxy-Airex sendwich concstruction For 2 adults or grandpa […] Multiple OK Dinghy Worlds won with a C-Tech mast. Also our congratulations to Rafa Trujillo (ESP) who won every race at the Finn Masters World Championships in Torbole sailing with our PRO design. With a solid series counting a 4th place as his worst non discardable result Jim Hunt (GBR) has won the OK Dinghy World Championships 2016. Light, fast, rugged! By sleeving the two sections together and then removing the damaged layers one-for-one the mast can be repaired with little or no change to the bending characteristics. Category for all articles relating to dinghy masts. Plane to Sea is a one-owner boat maintained to high standards and used seasonally. Hi all, cant seem to find a rigging manual for the Finn dinghy, need to know how to rig the outhaul, inhaul, downhaul and the lever kicker. Finn mast cover with foam padded. more... add to cart. Each mast is supplied complete ready to race with a dyneema D12 vang rope, standard 2:1 rope halyard (internal) with cam cleat or stainless steel top halyard with dyneema hoist line. Thomas Wilkes Dinghy Masts, Marine articles, Recent news, sailing 20th May 2016 Congratulations to Pieter Jan Postma (NED) on his Bronze medal at a challenging Finn Gold Cup recently. If the sail is the engine of your boat, the rig is the suspension. However, there is more to winning a race than equipment. The sails, too, have evolved and are now commonly made of various laminates such as Technora, polyester, and Kevlar. Congratulations to Pieter Jan Postma (NED) on his Bronze medal at a challenging Finn Gold Cup recently. It has a stayed mast, typically made from carbon fibre along with the boom. Finn dinghy DIY Carbon fiber repair to a Finn dinghy mast using 2 pot epoxy glue. Features include: Rubber grip floor Carbon drain tube and hiking raiser Latest new boat fit out. measuring a mast rake in a straight line “tip of mast to transom” Axel has ordered both a stiff mast and the new light crew reflex mast. For further information please contact our offices or get in touch with Andy Davis at HD Sails who has assisted us with the details and specs of the mast. We are a authorized dealer for North Sails and Magic Marine and in cooperation with Dinghy Racing Centre in the Netherlands, the number one supplier of carbon wing mast, we can supply all the equipment you need for your Finn dinghy. Although the Finn hull has changed little since then, there have been developments to the rig. A mast is used to hang the sails on and to control the leading (luff) edge of the sail for shape control. Protecting your Finn hull & mast. Finn dinghy mast repair using 2 pot epoxy glue and carbon fiber weave. The section has a width of 40mm, 10% smaller than all other masts, while still coming in a a meagre 4,52kg bare weight – Lighter and thinner! 16 % VAT excl. Swedish Rickard Sarby designed it in 1949 to attend the Olympic Games in Helsinki three years later, and the classic boat has been part of the Olympics ever since. Finn Boom - Fully Fitted including Holt Fittings, Aluminium Kicker (Vang) Lever. The 2019 Splash Worlds took place on July 22-27 in Kamperland, Netherlands. Having joined forces with Ceilidh Composite Technologies early in 2015 Jim has consistently produced winning sails to fit our masts. Congratulations to Finn Snijders, who clinched the title in the very last race and another outstanding performance by Jules van Raaij, who ended third. The purists say a Classic Finn should sail with an aluminum or wood mast and a Dacron sail but more recently the British Finn Association has embraced the growing trend for ‘Classics with carbon’ allowing pre-1985 boats to sail with modern rigs in order to make them more competitive. Vladimir Krutskikh (RUS) was a worthy second with a HIT Mast Classic scoring 2 points more than Trujillo over the series. Masts There are 2 products. The prototype mast is designed and manufactured in a similar fashion to all our dinghy masts, with an integrated sail track and aerodynamic ‘teardrop’ profile. All modern masts are of carbon fibre construction and have a wing section and this is the the direction you should be heading if you are serious about your sailing. In the last race Fredrik pulled away to secure his first title in his class. Please contact us for our stock and advice regarding the best used Hit Mast for you! A new vang system for the Splash class where many sailors have difficulties releasing the vang at the windward mark, resulting in frequent capsizes in stronger winds. Sailing with our latest design of the Finn mast PRO his superior boat speed helped in the shifty conditions at the event. Just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak we manufactured 3 FD masts for customers in The Netherlands and Switzerland. carbon. Event website including results and notice board: 2019.okworlds.orgWakatere Boating Club website: www.wakatere.org.nz Social MediaTwitter: https://twitter.com/OK_Dinghy_ClassFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/OK-Dinghy-197171683649284/YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxRW4POh1vghfqFhFIP2Bqw. Sailboat specifications Last update: 20th March 2020 The Finn is a 14’10” (4.5m) dinghy designed by Rickard Sarby (Sweden). She is built since 1949 by Devoti Sailing (Czech Republic). The North Finn inventory is customized to complement each and every mast individually. It was designed in 2009 by Phil Morrison and “perfected” by Devoti Sailing’s Roman Teply with the idea of bringing the spirit and the technology of world class racers to the world of single-handler dinghies. Spreader tip prototype Merlin Rocket mast, https://www.facebook.com/OK-Dinghy-197171683649284/, http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxRW4POh1vghfqFhFIP2Bqw. Finn dinghy The Finn was designed by Swedish canoe designer, Rickard Sarby, in 1949 for the Helsinki Olympics. Our Finn Radial designs are manufactured from North Sails’ exclusive NLXi Technora laminate, while the Cross Cut… Read More. Congratulations to the medal winners at the 2018 Finn World Championships which just finished in Aarhus, Denmark. This enables us to have more control over the fore-aft bending of the mast without influencing the sideways bend. The mast … Finn sail and mast dynamics: A look at the dynamics of the Finn rig - published in Finn Fare April 2012. Since its debut at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, the Finn has featured in every summer Olympics, making it the longest serving dinghy in the Olympic Regatta and one of the most prolific Olympic sailboats,[3] currently filling the slot for the Heavyweight Dinghy. Ceilidh Composite Technologies have again applied the company slogan ‘products that perform’ to a dinghy class. We are looking forward to the next stage of development to support our sailors during the selection process for Tokyo 2020. Aluminum masts are significantly more flexible and allow more control over sail shape, and became commonplace after the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich when they were first supplied to Olympic sailors. The initial batch of masts will retail at €3200,00 including VAT ex. Anything that can reduce weight and improve sail control will improve the performance of a racing dinghy or … 4 good sails, nice trailer w/new tires, all papers current. Recently a C-Tech FD mast was dropped off by a Dutch sailor for some repair work after a windy race. The Finn is an outstanding boat originally designed by Rickard Sarby for a contest to find a boat for Scandinavian sailing and the 1952 Olympics. The distance from the mast deck slot aft edge to the mast bearing ring aft edge is about 20-25 mm. The stiffness is in the same ballpark as other designs but there is still room for increasing the stiffness if required. June 27, 2018. It has a catboat rig, a raked stem , a vertical transom , a transom-hung rudder controlled by a tiller and a retractable centreboard . Our congratulations to Jan Kurfeld (GER) who won the event, closely followed by Nick Craig (GBR) in 2nd both using Ceilidh Composite Technologies PRO masts. C-Tech masts are designed to specific sailor weight and sailor styles, to optimise racing, giving everyone the opportunity to be at the front of the fleet, and lead to … Having placed 2nd at the World Championships earlier this summer Fredrik Lööf from Sweden has won the European Championships after a thrilling final day of racing. Unfortunately due to the lockdown restrictions we have not had too much feedback with regards to the performance, and definitely no results from regattas, however sailmaker Stephan Fels (SUI) was more than happy with his new mast, and notices the positive difference in gust response that we have been able to develop. The D-one is all about fun and performance. This class has an ‘open’ rule for various parts, so that new designs have the room to develop without tight restrictions. Congratulations. Finn Dinghy Covers. Also our thanks to the sailors for keeping us on the edge of our seats for the last week. The finn has drawn my attention. The Finn was designed by Swedish canoe designer, Rickard Sarby, in 1949 for the Helsinki Olympics. MC = M odulus C ombination The new type Pata Carbon Mast is built according to a special and carefully developped layer plan with the combination of high modulus and high elongation carbon fibers in order to reach special features. incl. The Finn dinghy is a single-handed, cat-rigged sailboat, and an Olympic class for men's sailing. Our thanks to everyone involved for the enthusiasm, belief and confidence in our design. masts. The sections will be most suited to a range of classes and a profile has also been commissioned to use as a gaff spar on a classic racer. 14' - new boat cover/new mast cover- 1 carbonfiber mast, 2 alum. The original spars were made of wood until the late 1960s and early 1970s, when there was a gradual change to aluminum masts. The scientific Finn: Although outdated, this article from 1995 describes our approach to sail development (will open in a new window). Contact. For further information please visit out webshop. sailing dinghy mast Carbon Finn Mast. The Mast: It is not an accident that the mast is first on the list as together with the sail it is THE most important part of the Finn. More recently, carbon fiber masts have become commonplace in competition Finns. A look at the Finn under the water: A study about the Finn hydrodynamics at the Finnclass.org page. An outstanding technical boat that favors boat handling and tactics over straight line speed. For further information on the Worlds please use one of the links below. I visited hit masts in Dronten/Netherlands last weekend. New price! Class History The Finn legacy began with the Finnish Yachting Association's 1948 search for a new dinghy. By using the teardrop section it is possible to increase the lateral stiffness due to surface area while reducing the outer diameter of the mast, thus making the mast more streamlined with less windage. Manufactured in an aluminium mould with advanced pre-impregnated materials, our masts are proven performers on the international scene. The Finn is the oldest type of dinghy that competes in VM2018. Congratulations to all those who were involved in the development. A Finn-like Daysailer!!! Though the Splash is not a class sporting carbon masts, other products and services proved their usefulness during the week. With a short but intensive preparation together with PJ, Ed Wright, North Sails UK and Dinghy Racing Centre this time the performance improvement is marked. 16 % VAT excl. Excellent condition. Below the pictures of the mast before and after repairs. I learned that the story "lighter sailors use less stiff masts" is a fairy tale. Pictures or descriptions would be brilliant, my boat is a 1986 vanguard originally owned and modified by Luca Devoti Rickard Sarby's winning design, based on a Nordic double-ended sailing canoe, quickly became the Olympic singlehanded men's dinghy for the 1952 Games in Helsinki and has appeared in every Summer Games since. "Finn Silver Cup 2017 - Finn U23 World Championship MVM Sport Club - Balatonfüred, Hungary", "Finn Silver Cup 2018 - Finn U23 World Championship - Koper, Slovenia", "Finn Silver Cup 2019 - Finn U23 World Championship - Anzio, Italy", Ton classes (0–½, ½–1, 1–2, 2–3, 3–10, 10–20, 20, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Finn_(dinghy)&oldid=971218029, Sailboat type designs by Swedish designers, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 August 2020, at 20:49. Nachatar Johal (IND): The Finn gives so much flexibility in having a mast and sail designed specifically for yourself. In transit or on the hardstand. Racing was close, with 3 sailors  challenging at the top in the great conditions of Bandol. The hit masts representative told me: the stiffer the mast the better (wouldn't you like to hear that from a nice gall). Carbon Finn Mast. After changing material supplier after the Worlds, Fredrik has been working together with Ceilidh and Green Sails to find the best combination to suit him. To give you a good advice for the right curve for you, we need your weight, your length, your condition, your experience in the Finn, your sail experience in other boats and your style of sailing sailing area. products description will follow soon, see also the German products... 75,00 EUR. The past months, Ceilidh has been developing a new mast for the Merlin Rocket class. Supplied either Silver or Black Anodised. Its disadvantages are weight, plus drag from windage. First the mast will be tested to see if our concept generates the expected performance. The vang is based on two carbon plates rotating on each other, with a Spinlock PX cam cleat to improve performance and ensure a quick and easy release of the vang when needed. always weigh more than 85kg and that is the reason why Finn has to stay as an Olympic dinghy in future years. Mast feet and heel 28 Our philosophy is to strive for excellence. - $3400 OBO. Focus on race preparation and tactical awareness coupled with an analytical approach to the mast and sail combination teaches the team members ‘skills for life’ within the coaching program. sailing dinghy mast. Finn Boat Covers. In 2012 the Finn will be sailed for the 16 th time at an Olympic Games and is the longest serving dinghy in the Olympic Regatta. shipping costs. The original spars were made of wood until the late 1960s and early 1970s, when there was a gradual change to aluminum masts. Dinghy Racing US is the number one supplier for Finn dinghies in the USA. Finn mast dynamics. ... 99,00 EUR. Finn UV mast cover. Great for open ocean or bay. A good competitive second-hand mast can be found, if you purposefully scour the Finn Forum, e-Bay and any other boat brokerage site, for between £1200 and £2000. Previously known as Hit-Masts Holland Dinghy Racing Centre is the number one supplier of carbon wing mast for Finn dinghies. Ceilidh Composite Technologies also provided coaching for the sailors of Splash Team Zeeland. Shipment to the UK is about €150,00 including VAT. Built in 2010 Price: 9.000.-€ ex works A lenghtened oversized roomy 5,40 meter long Finn-like Pata Family dinghy built in 2010 as “Day Finn” according to the special wishes of a great Finn fan who sadly left us. more... OK Dinghy - UV mast cover.