I am upset and confused because all the password reset emails go to my gmail, yet I can’t seem to get past this page asking for a code not being sent to my gmail. However, when I put in my phone number tied to that account, they send a reset link to my phone number that does not work and instead says “Error, We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Did the ig parties have banned the ig from my iphone? both my accounts are “ there is a problem with your request” & it never did that before so now.. What do I do ? I have tried every method possible. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. but why??? ‎Dichter bij de mensen en dingen waarvan je houdt. It keeps saying my password is incorrect, and I know it’s the right password, because I have literally been using this account since I was 10 years out (I am now 18). Welcome back to Instagram. What kind of error you’re getting? How long till it works ? Instagram desole il y a eu un probleme avec votre demande [Résolu/Fermé] Signaler. This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the error, and it’s centered around connecting your Facebook account with Instagram. has anyone had the problem with someone with a different foreign e-mail address taking your account and removing your e-mail address and connecting the ig account to theirs (basically hacking it)? And on browser it says sorry problem with logging you in please try again soon. It says “Sorry, there was a problem with your request.” I have tried literally every suggestion online up to and including factory resetting my phone, and nothing works.I have tried to contact them also with no luck. What does it mean? I recently created a new account on my current account and just yesterday I was totally logged out of my main account I logged out and tried to log in with my main accounts details and it only gives me my second accounts login details the two accounts is merged together but I can only access the one account. Ontdek onze community waar je jezelf kunt zijn en … 100% Fast⚡️ Get Instagram Followers Now for Free ️! from the Internet's leading supplier of quality, safe and trusted Instagram marketing services! It recognizes both my email and my username, but says that my password is wrong (it isn’t). 1 works, but the other is like you describe. There are a few possibly causes for Instagram refusing to let you log in. Neither am i able to go to homepage. Keep in mind that once you clear data, app’s local files and settings will be deleted and you will have to add your username and password to log in to Instagram. My husband can see my page! I am not sure what to do on my end and have no clue who to contact. Leave your contact information and get DIRECT ACCESS to the safest, most affordable, and results orientated Tiktok Growth service of 2020. In addition, if you have a spare device or a close trusted friend, try logging into your account on the separate mobile device to see if you can gain access. Hi Robin, Can you please try logging from browser -> instagram.com. I just want to get into my account. i’ve already contacted instagram but they said it should be fixed even though it isn’t. So sorry to hear that, maybe we can help. Instagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking service that lets users take pictures, apply filters to them and share those pictures in several ways, including through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. They couldn’t have checked my credentials that fast! Here's how we are empowering our community. Just comes up with an error message. How to fix Instagram login problems? I can’t login. To report a hacked account on Instagram: On Android: On the login screen, tap Get help signing in below Log In. AN email is being sent to my email with the security code. got the same error. Can not login instagram. As of September 17, you cannot login to Instagram. The first thing you need to do is re-typing your username and password and try to log in again. i have if help center info—done the picture of yourself with code thing so many times with no response from instagram. If you’re still having trouble logging into Instagram, another key area to check is your personal device. 2018 à 10:26 aras - 19 mai 2019 à 23:34. 112 Capitol Trail Newark, DE 19711 Hi, so over a month ago I attempted to convert my Instagram account to a business profile by simply clicking “Switch to a business profile” and upon doing so received a popup page saying “help us confirm you own this account” and asked me to enter the 6 digit code sent to me. 3 months and the emails, that it has been resolved. However, I haven’t been able to login fora year because Instagram never sends the code to my email address. 4. The issue here is that it is requesting a deactivated email that I made the account with, but my gmail is currently in my account, NOT this address they are asking for. If you try other devices and networks and still can’t log in, then you can try the next method. Please help!!! etc. Many users may be searching for ways to report a problem on Instagram while some others may not know that these problems you encounter on Instagram can be reported. We have sent in appeals and have received no response. I tried logging in on a browser. INSTAGRAM users across the UK have continued to complain about issues loading the iPhone and Android app - as hundreds struggle to refresh … Hi Thus, when you are off wifi and using your mobile service provider you’re unable to log into your Instagram account. but still I am unable to login. 10 /10 Op deze manier kun je eindelijk Instagram op je computer of laptop gebruiken. – How to Fix [2020], What Happens When You Mute Someone on Instagram, https://twitter.com/facebook/status/1105907126424109056. then follow the on-screen instructions. tried countless of times, not working. What if you could GO CRAZY VIRALOn TikTok and Keep Doing so CONSISTENTLY? Have you tried out any of the methods we talked about? Instagram is part of Facebook. this is an Instagram bug and doesn’t not necessarily related to any Instagram account. I have two accounts and have deleted one. If you’re able to get access on one of those separate devices then there might be a bigger underlying issue. What if you could get CRAZY GROWTH NUMBERS On Instagram and Keep Doing so CONSISTENTLY? This is happening on my computer and my phone. Please help me log back into my account. Now that you have an idea of the possible cause of the Instagram login issue, we’ll show you how to get rid of any Instagram login issue on your phone and also access your Instagram account without any difficulty. Instagram storingskaart met actuele meldingen van problemen en storingen. i have a problem with ig our charity gets a lot of help with Instagram with people sharing our posts. I I decided to reactivate my account, I couldn’t sign in and I put forgot password (since apparently my password isn’t working), I put in my username and it says “Error, User Not Found”. I am tired of this! But there is no way to contact Instagram. Tap the ‘forgot your password’ option, and then log into your email and change your password. Actuele storingen en problemen bij Instagram. A lot of problems can arise on the app such as Shadowban or Action Blocks, and in this article, we will be talking about the “Instagram login error”. Before trying any other technical method, it’s always good to check whether the Instagram server is functioning correctly. Even though Instagram is one of the most happening applications for today’s generation, it’s not error-free. Yeah Instagram is totally messed up right now. When it comes to fixing the Instagram login error, this is a straightforward and effective solution that has worked for many Instagram users. I’ve got the same issue. My old phone died and I tried logging into Instagram using the app on my new device. How to bypass “suspicious login attempt”? You need to contact with Instagram by providing your Identification, check last step in the post. If you’ve deleted your account in last 30days that can happen. We’d be glad to see your comments, observations, and questions in the section below. Thank you! I’ve had this account since 2014. when I login trying to use facebook and changed my password and email etc.. it still does not connect even with facebook and it will only give me the option to log in with facebook aswell? Hey there. I tried to login and it says “Error user not found”. desperate to figure this out bc i have sentimental pictures on there. also, while trying to figure this out, i accidentally created a new user name, so when i try to log with old user name, it kicks me to the new user name which is an account accidentally created. I am having the same issue did you ever solve it?? Stay connected with your friends on Instagram Messenger. I just wanna delete my account at this point. I’ve been trying to logged in on Instagram for 3 days now and still having trouble going through it but no such luck. When you can’t login to Instagram it’s a major problem for you, but it is something that you can easily fix. I have a secure password and two-factor authentication, but since last week I can’t log in into my Instagram account. I tried logging into my account But it says trying to sign in from an unrecognized device . Nothing is working:(. Open instagram.com in Chrome or any other web browser. Hi, im facing the same issue.i have 2 instagram account (1 link with facebook, another 1 not link) but in need my instagram back which is not link yo facebook..please assist urgently Check whether the issue reoccurs on the browser version, if you’re using the app, or vice versa. I have a problem with Instagram I set up 2FA on Instagram this time last year after I was hacked and managed to get my account back. i cant log in to my account :/. Probably Instagram servers are temporarily unavailable. Afterward, you can proceed with the following steps: Another great way to solve the sorry there was a problem with your request Instagram login error is by resetting your phone number. Of course, if Instagram servers are down, then you might experience some issues anytime you try to log into Instagram. 퐓퐚퐦퐦퐲 曆 (@SouthMarie_) reported an hour ago. Now, I can’t get back in. The information isn’t sending properly between your device and Instagram’s server. Some will suggest the account has been disabled, others might say the wrong username or password has been entered, and some just won’t do anything. Have you been looking for a way to fix the error? You’re logging in from a device Instagram doesn’t recognise and it wants more verification. it will not let me log on Instagram using the app. I found out a lot of issues that wouldn't have been brought to light on wattpad and Instagram. There is an option named “Contact Us” that you can see it even if you’ve not logged in. I am having the exact same issue. attached my email address with this in order to contact. Wenn das hier beschriebene Instagram Login-Problem auftritt, ist es ganz egal was du in die Felder „Benutzername“ und „Passwort“ schreibst, die Fehlermeldung bleibt dieselbe! I can’t log into any of my business accounts on my iphone app but when I try a friends app it works first time. I have 2 ig accounts. Tap Need more help? I still cant log in, how do I get help? Your mobile phone provider creates a unique IP address for your mobile phone. @instagram Hello, I’m having issues with my instagram account. When I login from any device (I’ve tried multiple desktops and phones) it just has the same “Post Removed” page and when I press the “OK” button it just says “sorry something went wrong, try again” but will just keep saying that when I press the button. and when i put my username and password it shows “oops, an error occurred” please help me ineed my account:(, 10 days ago I temporarily disabled my account. Have asked my team to try too. High Quality Guaranteed! Unfortunately, Instagram does not have a customer service number, and their support email is no longer in service. Tap Need more help? Please check and help me in order to resolve this issue Instagram Explore Page Algorithm Explained, Weak internet connection or bad internet coverage, Violation of Instagram’s terms and conditions, Log in to your Instagram account via the browser, Navigate to the accounts settings page and unlink any Facebook account associated with the Instagram account, Afterward, log in to Instagram using another mobile phone, Connect the new Facebook account to Instagram, After clearing the Instagram data, open the Instagram app on your phone, Log in to your Instagram account from your PC, Provide the reasons for disabling the account (, Once the time is complete, you can then log in to your Instagram account, Afterward, open the app to create a clone of your Instagram account, When you successfully create the cloned app, you’ll see it on the homepage, Open the cloned app and enter your Instagram login details, Now, you can access your account without any Instagram login error, Uninstall the Instagram application from your phone, Change the Android ID and IMEI number of your phone, Afterward, download the Instagram app from play store and login to your account, Right from the settings option on your phone, search for factory reset device, Wait till the reset is completed and successful, Afterward, you can download the Instagram app from the Google play store to your phone, Now, you can ace ss your account without any Instagram login error, Log in to your Instagram account from a PC or on any phone browser, Afterward, open the Instagram app on your mobile phone, Input the code sent to your mobile number then try to login to your Instagram account, Open the authorization screen and search for “login help” option, Afterward, you’ll receive a mail that contains a link, and you’d be asked to access the link and open Instagram, When you access Instagram via the link, you should be able to log in without any error. Please use this form to report content (ex: photos, videos) on Instagram that violates our Community Guidelines.When you report something, your information isn't shared with the person whose post or profile you're reporting. Since then, i haven’t been able to log back in, neither on the app or website. My team have tried and they face the same issue. If all the methods we mentioned above fail, you can try resolving the Instagram login error by creating a clone of Instagram using a parallel space application. Now you can access your Instagram … You can report this problem using Instagram contact option within the Instagram app. I can use the internet Instagram but the app is a no go. Now, it doesn’t matter what I try, I can’t get in and the password reset links all take me nowhere. Connect with friends, share what you're up to, or see what's new from others all over the world.