Hi Max, I believe that in order to enter Germany and then apply for the Residence Card, my wife (non-EU citizen) does not need to apply for a schengen or German visa (tourism or any other) in her homeland if I (EU citizen) will travel with her from her homeland to Germany (we will have a marriage certificate with us). Or “come for your answer to your Visa application”?or” come to Collect your Passport”? Hello. I am a student from Camaroun studying my masters. Jeden Tag gibt es aktuelle Meldungen aus der kreisfreien Stadt. We registered our apartment with local authorities, allowing me to apply for a residence card. Perhaps someone else reading will have something more to say on that topic. Because when I buy house I will pay some taxes . I believe he must leave Germany once his student visa expires, unless he has a job in Germany, can extend his student visa, or perhaps there’s another path for someone to remain in Germany after they’ve lived here for a year for a period of time while they look for work (I’m not positive about this last option). Secondly how do i go about getting my five years resident permit since i’m a father of a german kid. However, the other BAMF link that talks about subsequent entry of spouses for German citizens (http://www.bamf.de/EN/Migration/EhepartnerFamilie/ehepartnerfamilie-node.html) says that you, as the spouse of the German citizen, can be exempt from the language requirement if your German spouse has taken advantage of their freedom of movement “within Europe.” Perhaps if your German spouse has also exercised freedom of movement outside of Europe for an extensive time this would also be considered? Or And hope the husband is working because is much easier when he work. What city are you living and got your 6 months ID from? @Hans, Just take the contract with you to rathaus register yourself. Is it important that we register our marriage at the Rathaus? 1. Did you go alone or with your wife to auslanderbehorde? It sounds like it’s worth confirming the exemption with BAMF. What financial reqzuirements do i need. If you end up moving away from Germany there may also be ways to recover this money you spent. Maybe someone else reading this will have a good answer for you- for me I can tell that my spouse (EU citizen) left Germany for four months (un-registered from our municipality) while I (non-EU citizen) remained in Germany, and it was no problem. @Wilson Klaus you might be luck to get 5 years or 1 year. thanks. HOW in the world did you find the obscure law that says: If the German national exercised their right of residence in another country, then the foreign spouse does not need A1? Winter semester 2020/21 → Visa or Residence Permit Who needs a visa or a residence permit? You mention that when tou applied for a residence card, ypu showed that you was self employed…so to apply for RC you must have a job first?… The EU or the non-EU? at the other city as nebenwohnung, will this suffice for my application according to the aufenhaltsgesetz nach 28? However, whenever you leave/enter the EU you get a stamp on your passport, and when you apply for a German residence card, including permanent residence, I believe you must present your passport. 3- Do I need to wait 21 days from the day I enter Germany to get married? I went to Auslanderbehorde. It is a bit of a complicated situation unfortunately, especially with a baby involved and she does not know the language nor anyone in Germany. Lot of backlogs are already in their offices waiting for attendance/approval. I can get visa without showing language proficiency. Don’t seek for asylum because if you seek Asylum now you have willing hand over your self to be imprison and you can not marry your girl any more until your asylum as been approved by the government and of which you are not sure if it will be approve even in 10 years to come. That is a question for BAMF. In my case I could not immediately register as “married” because I found out that to do this I needed to have my marriage certificate translated into German. 2) how long it will take how many months I have to stay in German or can apply and live in German . I mean I cannot imagine that other ppl can easily cover 700€ when arriving to Germany without knowing anyone. My wife has dual passports, U.S. and Germany. if you earn more than 395 Eu + accomudation, you will get 5 years resident permission if not they will give you 6 months valid resident permission (when you find job or prove your earning somehow they will extend your permit to 5 years), Here you can find details: https://service.berlin.de/dienstleistung/324282/standort/121885/en/. Just as a German partner or a German partner must demonstrate his / her capacity to marry under German law, also has a foreign partner or a foreign partner to meet the requirements for marriage under the law of the home country. Hi. Hi, It’s possible the rules have changed since I went through this process about five years ago, but from taking a quick read on BAMF’s website (http://www.bamf.de/EN/Migration/Arbeiten/EUBuerger/eu-buerger-node.html) it looks like it is still the same process I went through. I received a German residency permit in August 2017. I am working as IT Engineer in German Company as a Permanent employee and I am also paying all City Taxes and Health Insurance from last 3 years (1 years, when i was new in Germany (2015 till 2016) i got Social benifits). Is it possible after 2 years marriage I can apply German citizenship or permanent residence, even though we registered in different country? Goodluck hope everything goes well. First, I believe you can stay anywhere in the EU as long as your Danish residence permit is valid, however you will still need to register with your local city once you move to Germany (this is different from applying for a German residence permit). Good luck! 1. I am a German citizen not living in Germany at the moment. To renew will not be possible for you because your spouse need to sign a document that will be giving to you by the Ausländerbehörden before you can renew and if your spouse did not sign which means the marriage is not working. Thanks From the German State administrative authority website, it is stated that before applying for residence permit via marriage to join their German partner in Germany, the non EU spouse must apply for national visa ( not 90 days travel via) in his/her own country before coming to Germany. I was granted permission to stay in Germany in 2016 based on being married to an EU citizen with no restriction on taking up employment. I got my residence card from the Landratsamt in Heidelberg. You could also try to apply and extend your residence permit, and they may also make considerations for you if you are working for a German employer. Very simple and easy process. Unlike the US where your pension is taken care of by your employer/Social Security, Germany has companies that are specifically for pensions. And in few days she will receive the tax number and personal identification number by post and she can start work straight away. Child (24 years old living in non-EU country) of EU-citizen father (mother and sister both live in Germany with aufenthaltskarte), also eligible for aufenthaltskarte? Is it legal ? Internetportal mit zahlreichen Wohnideen, Tipps und Tools zur Planung Deines Zuhauses - planungswelten.de Hey, would a monthly rental contract (sub-rental) of airbnb work? How can i move there with her and apply for the resident permit? I just hope they don’t ask too many questions about how you can be registered in Germany and earning money for a company in Ireland. He got a residence permit for 5 years as family member of an EU citizen (in the Netherlands a partnership is proved by providing prove of having lived together for at least 6 months). I really have no idea. and since then i have registered my address in her home as Hauptwohnung while the other room changes to We will rent a place and enroll in a German Language Institute in order to study, we have sufficient means to maintain ourselves, do I or my husband have to speak any German before making a move? If you can get your marriage certificate translated in time you can bring this with you when you initially register and get everything done in one visit. I am Married to a German and we lived together for a while until i was asked to leave Germany and reapply for a long term visa but the thing is that the Auslanderbehorde of my city gave me a pre-approval (vorabzustimmung) letter of residence permit after i met their requirements, as i was told that its their decision to permit me live and work in the country and it will also help speed up the visa process. I get all my information from the BAMF website: Am married to a polish citizen and am from Nigeria ,the marriage was done in Poland my asylum in Germany has been fully rejected currently my wife is working and registered officially in Germany also am registered in the same address what’s the possibility of getting a residence permit , we tried applying at the auslander but they said I should wait for a letter from them that properly I have to go to Nigeria and come back to Germany with a visa ,what should I do ? Hi I’m a trinidadian hoping to marry my German partner in Germany,I just completed my 90 day visa free trip to spend time with him,but I was told that I must go through the local embassy in my country in order to marry him.I’m hoping it’s not a long process as I am already very sad to leave him,can you enlighten me to the process of my specific case?Am I making it out to be an impossible long process out of ignorance ?Thank you very much, @princess . Iam immigrant stating in Germany I get married with Eu deutsch My wife she is leaving in other city but we was getting Married in the city where she leaving what I must to do? Sport Klamser, Ulm. But we have brought most documents with us at the time anyway, eg bank statements, marriage certiciate, work contract, certificate of residence etc so we gave them all we have. We are planing to get married in Germany. I am a retired Australian citizen receiving a good private pension. I am from Africa and my husband is German, I was living in another country that is not yet a member of EU but in the EU continent. we had a problem with the visa as they couldnt tell us which visa he should get.. Not sure technically what the rules are though. @Isabella Ojiodu, you can not start the process on Tourist visa. We both live in Germany and she has a German residence permit through our marriage. please what is the next hint? Once your registration is complete you will receive an official copy when you leave (this document is called your anmeldebestätigung, or certificate of registration). You can do it before those 90 days expire but once this 3 month period has expired you cannot cross the border and have to wait till you get the desicion. Then they will give you a paper mentionig what documents to bring. I would say submit whatever you can to show that you have enough money (and employment) to support yourself while you live in Germany. I have recently received a residence permit in Germany as I’m a non EU family member (husband) of EU national and my wife is Slovak national and she is excercising treaty right in Germany. And yes the first and important thing is to register with local municipality. https://vhs-koeln.de/homepage. My employer want me to register second address because i work and live in Sylt not in my main address with my spouse in Cologne. Hello i am a Nigerian i am married to a german for 10years now we have 2 children 5 and 8years old our children were born in uganda and we registered their birthcertificate via the kampala embassy and they both got german citizen by blood. * you yourself have an EU Blue Card, @Mkjohn, what country are you from? Does anyone have the answer? After applying for family reunion visa, it takes up to 4 to 6 months before conclusion will be taken on the application which will include second interview at the embassy and after the second interview, 3 months visa will be granted. I am already in Germany, but I have not completed the language requirement yet. Yesterday, i submitted application again for renewing and i was told to call for pick up after 3 weeks. Is it possible? Is there a Hardship case that will Exempt me and allow me to get My Resident permit. with the proof of income if I am applying as the spouse of a german wouldn’t it be his bank statements i need or do I need to have a job as well? However, she can register as single, and then go back later and change her status from single to married once you’ve got the marriage certifícate translated. Please, do you think if we get married that l will be given a marriage residence permit considering she has not worked yet in Germany and she is just one year old and got her stay visa due to child birth with a German. She will be ok if no complications in her / spouse documents. Good luck, it sounds like your case will be fine. My main address in Cologne and i got work in Sylt. Hey there! Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Hello! @Michael, Copy of your health insurance Depend on your visa situation they will extend the visa or may be not most probably will extend till marrige certificate legalization finish so till it comes can stay with husband in Germany. Again, when I moved to Germany last year, I was issued an AUFENTHALTESKARTE valid for 5 years and I have also started my German B1 Certificate and Orientation Course which I will finish in few months. 1) Must I live in Germany the entire 3 years, or is there a certain amount of time that I’m legally allowed to live outside of Germany in that period? Wife is EU. For the retirement/pension- I recently spoke with a German social worker who said the law states you need to have been paying into a pension/retirement system for 5-7 years (5 years if you speak German and have a steady German job, up to 7 years if your German is at the B1 level and your employment isn’t totally secure). We have not registered our marriage in Portugal yet as we got married in India. He will just sign where he needs to I suppose. Ideally someone will also respond to this thread who has been in this exact experience and call tell us what they’ve learned from personal experience. Marriage certificate in German We are planning to get married in Germany. At first I sent my home-state’s ID card which I suspected wouldn’t be accepted because it was not issued by my country’s federal government. Hello Mike, yes my process went over 90 days and I just assumed I would be okay exceeding that because I was being processed. My question is after getting married can I get my residence permit right away when we go back to Germany? Hi! In this scenario, i could just come to Germany with our passport and our marriage certificate and once in Germany, book yourself an appointment to register both of you with your local town hall. Soon I will marry in germany in court . Just buy ticket and come to Germany to join your spouse then when you arrive, make appointment with the foreign authority office in your city and go with all require documents. I am a US green card holder. (This is not a problem for me), But is it wise t go ahead with the marriage due to the lady has not work up to six months as somebody advised . If not you will be ask to go back and get it. Just a question from Step 1 – Getting to Germany. Ok thank you for your reply one more question what if he has his own Bussines I mean selbständig does this has positive effect also?? Hallo I’ve heard from other Americans that as long as you indicate you are taking the course or plan to, it’s fine. I am still working in Ireland and my wife would stay in Germany. Feel free to post back here on anything you find. 6 month until now and the Auslenderbehourd they don’t like to transfer me…. Please, l need an advice before going further to the marriage. I came to Germany last year April with visa D too and i was not ask to show any direction to my family back home. Scribd est le plus grand site social de lecture et publication au monde. Since your case is on the contrary to what I learnt before that you actually just come here and register yourself first and then straightly went for applying residence permit. So if you are been issue 6 months, 1 Year or 2 Years of Temporary Residence permit, I dont see reason why it should be a problem. (I am a U.s Citizen, She is Danish.) You could get some idea of these rules by going through the Residence Act (http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/englisch_aufenthg/index.html). And i was given 2 years and 4 months based on the expiring date on my international Passport. Health insurance is required – does that have to be a German health insurance or would my insurance I‘ve had in the US work? my wife’s salary is 1560 gross (including taxes ) will this be enough ? GOOD LUCK! Hello Fabio, Einwohnermeldeamt – Municipal Registration Office, usually located in the rathaus, Anmeldebestätigung – Certificate of Registration, Landratsamt’s Ordnungsamt or Rathaus’ Ausländerbehörde – Government office for your district, city, or region that manages the aufenthaltskarte application. My german language skills is B1. If you are still in the marriage and your spouse as been working for 5 years or more, it will cover you and you will be grant. Mine were in English and shown in dollars, and there wasn’t much writing, just numbers (and I highlighted all deposits), so they accepted that without a translation. I am from a non-European country, already here since 3 years, currently doing a PHD in Germany with a student visa. Q 1: Is it advisable to get married before we leave the US, to make it easier for her to get permanent residency? Hopefully someone else reading will have a better answer for you. I don’t know if the same rules applies to German Spouses living in Germany. And lastly, once I move to Germany, I will not yet have any kind of work and I am only an aupair here in Denmark. So in addition to my insurance I should also give insurance from my wife. @princess.. Thankyou very much for reply.. you answered my questions.. It sounds like we are in the same situation, and for me I got the aufenthaltskarte valid for five years a few weeks after my work authorization and tax number came (perhaps this is the document you’re referring to that allows you to work). Thank you for this detailed post and your many replies to the comments and questions. I would like to talk more with you concerning this issue. My name is Taiwo from Nigeria (A non EU member state). If not then you will probably need to show that you can speak and understand basic German (A1) eventually in the future. @Pab, that is strange, you were not suppose to provide A1 certificate again because you already have Italian permit and which proof you have a D visa (national visa of one of the EU). I have a girlfriend from Norway (an EEA member state). Hi, What is requrierd Docoumet and who can i aplay ..? You don’t need to go to Embassy with your husband because it not require nor necessary. Please I would like to know if I’m qualified for the 3 years marriage requirement for Naturalization of a German spouse and if my one year in another EU still counts. Hello It could be of direct for 5 years or 3 years? I have a couple of questions and my situation is this: My boyfriend is Turkish, he was born in Germany and has lived in Germany since then, he have residence in Germany so it means he belongs to EU? Then you will get permanent permit after 5 years of living and working in Germany, if you divorce before the marriage clock 3 years. As of now, Germany doesn’t allow same-sex marriages, though it does allow same-sex civil partnerships. Yes, I believe you can apply for a residence permit once you are both registered as living in Germany. * you yourself work in Germany as a highly-qualified person, a researcher or self-employed person and were already married when you moved to Germany, Thank you for your help! I am in similar situation myself. I am an Indian national married to German Citizen and we been living in UK for 6 months. In most cases I have seen Naidu the foreign office most times give them another 5 years,and not a permanent permit…. Hello Marc, My case was fairly simple and straight forward involving me (non EU citizen), married to my EU citizen (non-German) partner. As a follow-up on this, I was not required to demonstrate any Germany language skills. province of anmeldung , fulltime work & another partime is same .. thanks in advance. I suspect the “family reunification” process you’ve been going through is for German citizens who want to bring their non-EU spouses to Germany. To get resident permit you need insurance that cover you during sickness. I do not want mail to Landratsamt the passport with the visa because the passport can be needed in any moment for movement to my home country. I have tried to contact Auslanderbehoerde they just ignore me my wife tried to contact them the same thing happened and this thing is really affecting us . . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You could even highlight those. This may be the most help for you: If I understand correctly, the German law says that if your spouse has a normal job contract and you earn less than 500 euros per month, then your spouse’s health insurance company must let on to your spouse’s health insurance policy. Just sharing my experience of renewing Aufenthaltskarte today at the Immigration Office. Hopefully someone else will read your post and be able to answer your situation more specifically. Even if you weren’t eligible to stay for family reasons (and I’m not sure about that in your situation) I think you could be eligible to stay based only on the fact that you have a normal employment contract. Now as I try and find health insurance that will qualify me for the permanent residence permit, I’ve been told by one company that I need to buy health insurance retroactively (in other words, pay this German insurance company for the past three years) if I want to sign on. The officials do not answer nor to my e-mails nor my letters by post. Ausländerbehörde Mannheim: Informationen zu Ausländerbehörde. If you find you need German insurance this is at minimum something like 300 euros per month if you are not employed full-time by a German employer (in which case this amount or more would be taken out of your monthly salary). But sure, l know once we are married, she won’t be under social again which as a family am to take responsibility and work. I arrived in Cologne on a 90 day Schengen tourist visa, we were married in Copenhagen (where received a marriage license in 5 languages including German, no additional stamps or translations/ certifications were needed), and then immediately returned to Cologne to register for my “Anmeldebestätigung”. You mentioned “Identification Card” (last in the list). We want to move to Germany my husband is going to Germany in 2 weeks alone to try to get a job and take a couple courses so he can apply for the residency permit. I recently went under the same process and I obtained a Residence Card of a family member of a Union citizen. * it is obvious that there is little need for integration assistance (for instance as a rule if your partner is a graduate), Is that possible or do you need a working visa when you enter Germany before you apply as you have described? Go to city hall or area rathous with your marrige certificate English or german translation and tell them to register you in your husband’s Berlin apartment address then the will do It in few mints and willl give you a paper confirming that.Then go to Berlin migration office together with both of your passport. I got that from this page of BAMF’s website (http://www.bamf.de/EN/Migration/EhepartnerFamilie/ehepartnerfamilie-node.html): “If a foreign national moves to Germany to join a German spouse, proof of linguistic ability is not required if the German national has previously exercised his/her right of freedom of movement within Europe…”. A1 German Certificate is among the require documents. I also suspect a lot depends on the person who handles your case/interview. I am pakistani muslim women living in germany. Can you tell language is important to learn me or not..? I also believe this insurance I linked to won’t qualify you for a permanent/long-term residence permit after five years because it doesn’t include long-term-care (nursing home) insurance, though you may be able to find a policy for this separately from a private German company. You can even be bind to stay in the city/ commune where you received your Aufenthaltstitel. My wife said her gross is 1810 I think we are safe . Once you are married to an EU citizen who is registered in Germany then you as a non-EU citizen can also work (it took me about two-three weeks to get my tax number once I applied). Companies will typically allow you to buy into the pension system retroactively, ie you could buy five years’ worth now. so that i would be able to complete all required documents required by the German embassy before i take an appointment. www.uni-mannheim.de. Hey, alot of good answers here, but how things in 2018? The applications is called “Antrag auf erteilung einer aufenthaltserlaubnis” — look for this on your Landratsamt/Ausländerbehörde’s website or do an internet search for this + your local Landratsamt/Ausländerbehörde. Hello True ? I think as far as marriage goes, where you actually get married isn’t so important. The requirement for me is: For the last 5 years I have had a living apart/together relationship with my German girlfriend. When I initially mailed in my application I had roughly a month until my current health insurance expired- it was a policy for emergency coverage of up to 55,000 euros, and cost about 35 euros a month (I found it by searching the web). I am Javed and I just want to say thanks because you are giving me very useful information. I can tell you what it’s like in Poland (since Poland is in the EU, I believe the same works for Germany or any other EU country as well), when you apply for a RC of whatever EU country, they put a stamp into your pasport which allows you to stay in the country till your RC is issued. On that note, don’t forget to ask if your rathaus has an application for an aufenthaltskarte (residence permit)- they often do.